April 24, 2019

Behind the candelabra: Liberace’s bling a legacy to classical music

Liberace didn’t invent showmanship, but the celebrity pianist sure helped it along. Decades later, pianist Yuja Wang, organist Cameron Carpenter and violinist Amadéus Leopold come across as 21st century Liberacistes.

He was a protégé of Paderewski, the legendary Polish pianist, who said that someday this boy would take his place. But this boy became a parody. Poor Liberace.

He may have cried, as he liked to quip, all the way to the bank, but he is poor Liberace if his legacy must be reduced to the pathetic, bitchy, superficial, desperate-for-attention queen portrayed by Michael Douglas in “Behind the Candelabra.” Steven Soderbergh’s trashy biopic about the pianist and his relationship with his young chauffeur had its premiere Sunday on HBO.

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