March 24, 2019

Flytipping in Newham London

There seems to be a growing problem in the UK with fly-tipping. To the person who doesn’t know this word, it is the illegally dumping of rubbish and fly-tippers usually dump rubbish on private property. In the borough of Newham in East London, the problem is on the rise and one blog that caught our eye is this one which perfectly highlights the problem.

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Europe should prepare for fresh wave of Isil jihadists fleeing Mosul warns EU

Europe must prepare for a fresh influx of Islamic State jihadists fleeing Mosul as the army moves in on their last Iraqi stronghold, the EU’s security commissioner has warned.

“The retaking of the IS’s northern Iraq territory, Mosul, may lead to the return to Europe of violent IS fighters,” Julian King said. ‘This is a very serious threat and we must be prepared to face it.”

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Pistorious sick again after photos of Reeva Steenkamp’s body are shown in court

Oscar Pistorius threw up in court again after a picture of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp’s blood-covered body was accidentally shown at his murder trial in Pretoria.

Ms Steenkamp’s body was shown for just a fraction of a second, prompting loud winces in court as screens in court rapidly scrolled from a picture of Pistorius’ bathroom to another of the athlete’s blood-stained prosthetic legs.

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Sharknado film creates storm on Twitter

Sharknado, a new made-for-TV film in which Ian Ziering and Tara Reid battle sharks falling from the sky, debuted in the US last night – and promptly became a major talking point on Twitter.

Airing on Syfy, the channel responsible for such TV movies as Arachnoquake, Sharktopus and Aladdin & The Death Lamp, Sharknado was the top trending topic on Twitter, with viewers transfixed by its preposterous premise – a freak hurricane sucks sharks up from the ocean, hurling them at Los Angeles, causing the waterlogged populace to be terrorised by the flying predators.

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Boston Strangler to be exhumed

A group of investigators and work crews will start digging into the Peabody cemetery plot of confessed Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo this afternoon to exhume his body in an effort to extract a DNA sample to connect him to the murder of 19-year-old Mary Sullivan.

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Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 91

A giant tornado, a mile wide or more, killed at least 91 people, 20 of them children, as it tore across parts of Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon, flattening homes, flinging cars through the air and crushing at least two schools.

The injured flooded into hospitals, and the authorities said many people remained trapped, even as rescue workers struggled to make their way through debris-clogged streets to the devastated suburb of Moore, where much of the damage occurred.

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