April 24, 2019

Doctor Who’s Matt Smith leaves show

The BBC says Matt Smith is stepping down from the lead role in long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, spurring intense speculation about his replacement.

The broadcaster said Sunday that Smith will leave after a November episode to mark the show’s 50th anniversary, and a Christmas special.

The titular Doctor is a time-traveling extra-terrestrial Time Lord who can regenerate into new bodies. Smith is the 11th actor to play the character since the series began in 1963. When he was unveiled in 2009 was the latest Doctor, he also became the youngest one at age 26.

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Chicago Blackhawks beat Red Wings in OT

Patrick Kane wondered aloud if the Chicago Blackhawks‘ sinful play and then redemptive acts against the Detroit Red Wings might turn out to be the righteous path toward a Stanley Cup.

“We realize how good we can be,” Kane said. “You don’t like to put yourself in the hole, but for us to get out of it and come back and win…how many teams can say they have done that?”

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Behind the candelabra: Liberace’s bling a legacy to classical music

Liberace didn’t invent showmanship, but the celebrity pianist sure helped it along. Decades later, pianist Yuja Wang, organist Cameron Carpenter and violinist Amadéus Leopold come across as 21st century Liberacistes.

He was a protégé of Paderewski, the legendary Polish pianist, who said that someday this boy would take his place. But this boy became a parody. Poor Liberace.

He may have cried, as he liked to quip, all the way to the bank, but he is poor Liberace if his legacy must be reduced to the pathetic, bitchy, superficial, desperate-for-attention queen portrayed by Michael Douglas in “Behind the Candelabra.” Steven Soderbergh’s trashy biopic about the pianist and his relationship with his young chauffeur had its premiere Sunday on HBO.

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Barcelona sign Neymar from Santos

Barcelona have agreed a deal to sign Brazil striker Neymar from Santos. 21-year-old Neymar will finalise a five-year-deal on Monday.

A Barcelona statement read: “FC Barcelona and Santos have agreed terms for Neymar. The 21-year old is one of the most promising footballers on the planet.”

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Miranda Kerr Suffers Embarrassing Double Nip Slip

Miranda Kerr is used to showing a lot of skin, but not this much! The former Victoria’s Secret model was partaking in a photo shoot when her sweater fell down and revealed her breasts!
Oh dear. Miranda Kerr was hit by a nasty blast of wind on a Miami beach on May 15, and she had an accidental peepshow! Poor Miranda!

Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Breasts On The Beach

Miranda, 30, was in the middle of a photo shoot for skin care line Kora Organics when her sweater was blown down by a strong breeze, exposing her breasts.

One nip slip is bad, but a double nip slip is so much worse!

However, Miranda Kerr proved what a professional she is by finishing the shoot. See the original here.

Alice Eve lingerie scene in ‘Star Trek’ might be misogynistic, says writer

It’s one of the strangest scenes in “Star Trek Into Darkness”: With no explanation or motivation, USS Enterprise visitor Carol (Alice Eve) strips down to her blue underwear, whereupon James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) sneaks a peek.

Now, Damon Lindelof, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay, is apologizing for the gratuitous sequence starring Alice Eve — sort of.

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Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek dies at 74

Ray Manzarek, who was influenced by John Coltrane, added a jazz component to the band’s rock sound and filled the role of bassist. The band charted 15 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 starting in 1967.

When the Doors were still a fledgling quartet, and the band members were honing their chops playing five sets a night at the London Fog club in Hollywood, it wasn’t rock stardom on keyboardist Ray Manzarek’s mind as he and his three band mates laid down an extended jam for their debut album that ran more than seven minutes.

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Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 91

A giant tornado, a mile wide or more, killed at least 91 people, 20 of them children, as it tore across parts of Oklahoma City and its suburbs Monday afternoon, flattening homes, flinging cars through the air and crushing at least two schools.

The injured flooded into hospitals, and the authorities said many people remained trapped, even as rescue workers struggled to make their way through debris-clogged streets to the devastated suburb of Moore, where much of the damage occurred.

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Drake Gets His Afro On While Filming Cameo For Anchorman 2

Because this week has been the best kind of Ron Burgandy overload EVER, between the multitude of celebrity cameos being filmed recently for the much-anticipated sequel, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, as well as the just-released DEBUT theatrical trailer!

And get this: there are STILL unexpected celebrities showing up on set to get their ’70s on…in a big way!

Like Drizzy EFFING Drake!

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Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor

John Hurt has experience with extra-terrestrial life forms. One memorably burst out of his chest in Alien. His arrival in the final frame of Doctor Who (BBC One) was much less gory but almost as shocking.

Hurt’s cameo, miraculously kept secret ahead of tonight’s series finale, capped an episode full of high-stakes drama, head-spinning twists and surprises.

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