April 24, 2019

Miranda Kerr Suffers Embarrassing Double Nip Slip

Miranda Kerr is used to showing a lot of skin, but not this much! The former Victoria’s Secret model was partaking in a photo shoot when her sweater fell down and revealed her breasts!
Oh dear. Miranda Kerr was hit by a nasty blast of wind on a Miami beach on May 15, and she had an accidental peepshow! Poor Miranda!

Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Breasts On The Beach

Miranda, 30, was in the middle of a photo shoot for skin care line Kora Organics when her sweater was blown down by a strong breeze, exposing her breasts.

One nip slip is bad, but a double nip slip is so much worse!

However, Miranda Kerr proved what a professional she is by finishing the shoot. See the original here.